Sunday, January 24, 2010


The missionary sitting with us is Elder Lewis who was getting transferred. We had grown to love having him come over & give us wonderful lessons plus our boys really liked him as well so it was sad to have him at our house for one last lesson & to say goodbye. The pic of the 2 Elders is the missionaries in our ward but unfortunately Elder Lewis was leaving & Elder Rice was staying & getting a new companion. It won't be the same though, that's for sure. The last pic is a picture of our church in Waialua which is about a 10 minute drive from where we live & has so many wonderful ward member that attend there & we are grateful for that.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

-Christmas 2009-

Danny was very glad to be here celebrating Christmas with his boys. He got a 49ers book, some movies, a 49er photo album with his pic's of Iraq in it & a 49ers rubix cube amongst many other things.

Robert got lots of toys that make noise, noise, noise & drives us straight towards the tylenol. Boy are we regreting santas decision on some of them.

Lil' Danny opening up the Wii from Santa. He was so excited & screamed like a little girl. His face at that moment was PRICELESS!!

Lil' Danny & his new movie "how the grinch stole christmas."

Mindy opening up presents. She got a new watch, body spray, the movie "17 again" & some baby girl items on top of lots of other things.

Robert smilin:) for the camera while he waits to open presents. Boy was he excited when the time came. Not about having to unwrap his gifts but being able to play with them after. He got a vtech laptop, fisher price keyboard, santa potatoe head & a sponge bob tick-tac-toe mat game just to name a few. Boy was he a spoiled 2 year old this christmas from santa claus, his parents & both sets of grandparents.

Lil' Danny got an mp3 player to put his favorite songs on. He also got some bionicles, pajamas & movies from his grandparents in Utah along with some army lego sets & a spiderman tick-tack-toe mat game from his Grandparents in Arizona plus many many other things. Christmas was good to this 6 year old for sure.


Lil' Danny & Robert wearing there new pajamas they got to open up on Christmas eve.

The boys had a wonderful Christmas this year & enjoyed having Big Danny home to celebrate this Christmas. They got lots of toys, dvd's & tons of candy was found in there stockings. Santa brought our family a Nintendo Wii & we enjoyed spending quality time playing bowling & other great games together. This Christmas was a good one for our family & we were very blessed!!


Friday, October 2, 2009


Robert our "chunky monkey" had a great birthday this year. He loved all his presents but loved a whole lot more the chocolate cake that Lil' Danny helped to make for him. We did enjoyed eatin a piece of cake even though it was covered in spit from Robert trying to blow out his trick candles. My how time has flown by & Robert is 2 already. Good thing is we have been dealing with the terrible 2's stage we'll before he even turned two so we are prepared for it. Guess Robert couldn't wait & wanted to get an early start.

We have a saying in our house for Robert which is "if Robert is being too quiet then he's up to no good". Which that saying has rang true to many times to count . He is such a sneaky little one & always trying to see what he can get away with & us not know or catch him.

Robert could of cared less about his presents & all he wanted was to eat his cake. mmm!!

Birthdays just go to show you that no matter how often you wish your kids could stay so sweet & little forever, they have to grow up & turn another year older but all the wonderful memory's of them at certain ages stays the same & will last a lifetime:)


Lil' Danny had so much fun at his 6th birthday party with his friends. They all enjoyed jumping on the trampoline & swimming in the pool, eating pizza & as you can tell by Lil' Danny's face in one of the pic's enjoying delicious cupcakes.
And to top it all off Lil' Danny got to open lots of presents. Even though allot of Lil' Danny's friends he made when we first got here have moved away & couldn't be here for his party he has a great personality & made new friends rather quickly. He was sad to have his birthday party come to an end because he was having so much fun but he did enjoy giving all his friends transformers masks & goodie bags to mark the party officially over & his new year of being 6 years old just beginning.

You only get to turn 6 once in your life so we hope this will be a day that Lil' Danny will never forget & remember forever!!


SSSHHH!!! We gave Lil' Danny trick candles & he was so funny to watch trying to blow 'em out:)